When leaving those you love is the only way to get them back.


After a spat with his new wife, Sasha Roborovskiy heads out for a night of letting off steam—which lands him and his best friend, Corvin, in a detainment center. Held captive at the whims of the island’s conniving Elder, Sasha implores his friends to help.


To buy Sasha and Corvin’s freedom, Owl Melonvine, Corvin’s sister, embarks on a mission to the ravaged Mainland—an America rife with vicious creatures and lawless men—to retrieve the Elder’s long lost son.


Armed with her friends, she heads into the thick, unexplored woods of the North in search of a mysterious tribe holding the boy.


But when communications with home break down, Owl has no way to convey dangerous changes to their mission, or even know if Sasha and Corvin are still safe among violent prisoners, corrupt guards, and freak storms.


With adversaries and disasters looming, Owl and Sasha need to rely on their wits, inner strength, and their friends to make it home safe again.

Content warnings:

Language, m/f non-graphic sex and sexual elements, violence, brief drug use, abduction, attempted rape, discussion of past trauma, discussion of depression and self-harm, mention of pandemic

Gay, bi, and deaf rep

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The Travelers Series is a collection of "cozy" post-apocalyptic books by author, Al Hess. Many can be read as standalone stories.