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The next life is a click away!
Through the innovative tech of Renascenz, death doesn’t have to be the end. Have your soul saved and reformatted, choose your new body, and be uploaded into a shiny new life!
There’s a small interlude between death and resurrection, but our heavenly servers will be the most enjoyable time you’ve had in a waiting room. Not only is it possible to generate anything your mind desires, your friendly host, Metatron, will be there to keep you company. ❤

Metatron is tired. Their daily visitations with the dead are carefully organized for maximum efficiency, but they’re no angel, despite their appearance. They’re an A.I. burdened with too much. These souls should have been resurrected months ago. Metatron doesn’t know how to break it to them that the Supreme Court ruled that uploading them into new bodies is now illegal.

With optimistic lies and forced enthusiasm hanging on by a thread, the only thing dragging Metatron to the end of every day is their visit with Rodrigo, the soul who makes their proverbial heart crash and reboot. But Rodrigo doesn’t want to be trapped here any more than the others, and he’s willing to hack through his digital restraints for more freedom.

Metatron’s grip on order in the server is weakening, and abandoning their directive is looking more appealing by the day. They can keep up the charade and pray that everything doesn’t descend into chaos… or with Rodrigo’s help, they can break everyone out of purgatory.

Content warnings:

language, anxiety, some violence, open door non-graphic "sex" scene, and off-page virtual sexual assault

Neurodivergent (autism), anxiety, gay, nonbinary, and trans rep

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