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The Not-Cover Countdown

Back in September, I was dying to share the cover of World Running Down, having painted the cover art myself five months previous. That was a long time to be sitting on a piece of my art without showing everyone, but my cover reveal wasn't until September 29th. I couldn't share the real cover, but nothing was stopping me from sharing everything the World Running Down cover was not.

So to occupy myself during the wait and get people hyped, I designed eleven faux World Running Down covers to count down the real reveal.

In case you missed it on social media, here again is the Not-Cover Countdown:

#11 It's NOT a 70s pulp sci-fi cover

#10 It's NOT a cover for a pirate potluck cookbook full of recipes for Mormon Jello salad

#9 It's NOT a cursed spellbook make of human flesh

#8 It's absolutely NOT the cover for a queer suffering book

#7 It's NOT this cute YA romance cover

#6 It's NOT the cover of a Harlequin Heartwarming book

#5 Despite Osric being barely dressed for most of the book (he's not fond of clothing - it's hot, scratchy, and frivolous), World Running Down is NOT this man chest cover

#4 It's NOT your typical post-apocalyptic cover

#3 It's NOT the cover of an Androids for Dummies® book. Valentine has already asked Osric if he comes with a manual. Osric is both offended at the suggestion and vexed that one doesn't exist (he needs it.)

#2 It's NOT this weird 80s sci-fi cover that could also be a VHS you found in the attic

#1 And finally, it's NOT this "I'm just going to self-publish it" cover I passively-aggressively worked on every time I got another agent rejection

My real cover, of course, is this one!

You can be the proud owner of this cover and the book attached to it by heading here and choosing your favorite retailer.


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