Crashed starships. Giant golems. And a grief-stricken miner trying to hold onto the only thing they have.

Diometes’ body is frail; they lack the strength and endurance for hard labor required in farming communities. But within their mining golem, they’re invincible, lifted up and whole. They can harvest precious marrow—a powerful alien fuel—from the bones of crashed starships.

However, when Dio’s golem breaks, their source of vitality and income vanishes. They can’t just borrow a new one. Not when their golem is the only thing tying them to their departed partner, Nox. If Dio can’t repair the golem soon, their mining manager will eject them back into a harsh world not made for them, and the one thing connecting them to Nox will be lost forever. 

Content warnings:

Brief language, injury

Nonbinary rep