Denver Bryant

Denver is a food blogger whose true love is pie. He'll happily tell you about the delicate melt-in-your-mouth phyllo on the chocolate silk at Goat's Inn, or warn you away from the mock apple at Suzy B's that tasted so strongly of vinegar that he threw up in his napkin.

Other than one viral post months ago, his blog is a failure, and he struggles to make ends meet with the dwindling revenue. He's actively seeking something to blog about that will generate new interest.

His strong opinions on everything from skim milk to tee shirt necklines often gets him in trouble with the residents of Muddy Gap, Wyoming. He's not mean on purpose, but his bluntness has repelled people to the point that Denver is considered the town pariah.

Despite this, he cares about the people and the town. His obvious stims, sensory sensitivities, and occasional meltdowns make being social difficult, but he would really like a friend.


Ezra Gomez

Ezra moved to Muddy Gap hoping to escape bridges he burned, but has found that his past moved with him, and small town drama is even worse than in a big city.

Unable to get a decent job with his degree, he bartends at a tiny gay bar in Casper.

He's heard plenty of gossip about Denver, but is determined to give xem the benefit of the doubt, especially since he knows how it feels to be the target of rumors and accusations.

Ezra is protective and has a strong romantic side. He loves flirting through text, buying gifts, and bringing flowers, but he can also be impulsive and ruin his own plans.

He thinks sex is more fun when something flavored is involved, and occasionally swipes cans of whipped cream from the bar he works at.