Art Commissions

Commissions are currently closed.

A comprehensive gallery of my art can be found on Instagram.

In addition to being an author, I'm also an artist. I specialize in character portraiture in both pencil and oils. These can be for your own personal collection, or used in promotional materials, bonus content for fans, or within the pages of your book. I can also do fanart of your favorite characters and paint book covers.

Rates as follows:


Pencil illustration on drawing paper - $0.75 per sq in


  • 4x6" - $18

  • 5x7" - $26

  • 8x10" - $60

  • Custom sizes available 

Oil painting on canvas board - $2.60 per sq in


  • 8x10" - $208

  • 11x14" - $400

  • 12x16" - $499

  • Custom sizes/canvas type available

Shipping in the US is free. I take Paypal, and can split the payment into two or three installments, if desired. 

An initial sketch will be provided for approval before I start painting, with however many adjustments are need to the sketch to be satisfactory. I can provide in-progress pictures if desired.

What I need from you: unless you're asking for art of a well-known character, I'll need their description at minimum and whatever specific things you want included in the portrait. Inspiration/reference images or a Pinterest board are helpful if you have them, but they're not necessary.